What is My Fleet Tracker?

My Fleet Tracker (MFT) allows instant monitoring of vehicles location and state in the course of transport/delivery. It is a complex but easy to use system for smooth communication and coordination across team/fleet. It was designed for better performance in the field operations.

Top features

Get understanding of the key features in 3 minutes.


Track and share location

Mobile (field) agent is able to capture information about location and its state via mobile app running on any Android device.

This information is collected on the centralized place and propagated back to all participated mobile agents.


Messaging and notification

Agent-to-agent communication as well as dispatching-to-agent are common features of online transport management.

On top of that communication layer there is another option for information interchange based on automatic notifications triggered by important business events or operational situation.



Significant insight into business operation can be found through easy reporting, which is able not only to provide operational reports like log book per different perspectives, but also comprehensive analysis transforming tons of records into valuable findings.

Other features

  • live fleet overview
  • alerting
  • in-car setting
  • offline mode
  • direct phone calls
  • and even more ...

What I get?

More effectiveness and efficiency in your field operations thanks to knowing location and state context of the vehicles in the course of delivery.

Take advantage of captured operation data not only for online alerting but also for easy performance analysis and trend recognition. Be always one step ahead and ready to face market changes and customer expectations.

There are no barriers to start using MFT. See key in-use benefits:



Easy Onboarding

Pay as you go

Low Operating Expenses

No new hardware required

Get started

Follow the three simple steps and get hands-on experience.

Set up your company account

You will need to fill in just an email address and password. Registration is free.

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Add your fleet to be tracked

You will need to add a new device which is to be tracked, a mobile number and device name is required. You can specify as many devices as you need, but you can start just with yours.

Now + 2 minutes

Download MFT for your smartphone

Install a mobile app for your Android device and follow up in-app instructions. Now you have done the basic set up for your own use - at a later time you can consult the next steps.

Get it on Google Play Now + 3 minutes